“Jesus Christ, the FAITHFUL WITNESS, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loves us and released us from our sins by His blood-”

 Revelation 1:5

Can God rely on us?  In other words, when we’re not at church and are questioned about a practice that isn’t culturally popular, can God trust us to be faithful to His Word? Or, do we give in to fitting in?

Jesus was a FAITHFUL WITNESS. There was never a question about whether or not He would be reliable. He told it like it was; even when His words weren’t popular.

He was a FAITHFUL WITNESS concerning…

Noah, other Biblical saints…(who were real, not metaphors), His second coming.  

He was a faithful witness about Jonah, again – not a metaphor – but a real person to whom Jesus referred.

When we say we’re a Christian, we’re saying we’re a follower of Jesus; which means we believe His witness; that there is a heaven and hell, there is judgement and forgiveness, He died for our sins and rose three days later, He’s coming again.

Our confidence rests on the FAITHFUL WITNESS of Christ Jesus. Do we believe and follow that to which He testified? Are we a faithful witnesses of Christ’s word in our generation?

Lord Jesus, we praise You, God’s faithful WITNESS. Thank You for the confidence we have in the Bible and on which we stand because of Your witness.



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