Lift UP


I made an about face and returned to my laptop. I had just shared a YouTube video with a friend because I loved the content. But, after texting it to her, it dawned on me there was a 30 second clip she wouldn’t like. In fact, she would likely think I sent it to her on purpose…to drive home a point we viewed differently.

Quickly, I texted “Please don’t watch the video.” However, while typing the words, I realized that if someone sent me something and then asked me to delete it, not watch it; I’d  hit the play button.

What could I do?


A colleague’s subject line on the email caught my attention. Her husband told her the night before that he no longer loved her. He told her he’d been having affairs for years. Shocked. Brokenhearted. Angry. Her emotions poured across the miles into my inbox. She asked for advice.

What should she do?


Life throws us curve balls. I used to think “life” would get easier. Now, I’m not so sure. Our world is more connected than ever through through the Internet, cell phones, and social media. A text sent can’t be retrieved. An email is forever. A word spoken lives in the mind. When relationships are tense, marriages are fragile, business and ministry keep you on edge, what can you do?

Lift UP

A chapter that came to mean a lot to me when my husband, Keith, and I moved from San Antonio to Kerrville is Psalm 121. Following are verses 1-2.

I will LIFT UP my eyes to the mountains; 

From where shall my help come? 

My help comes from the Lord, 

Who made heaven and earth.

When panic sets it. When we don’t know what to do with the urgent. When life throws us a curve ball, what can we do? LIFT UP our eyes to the LORD.

What situation are you facing today? Are you in panic mode? Are you urgently in need of advice?

We can stay in panic mode, stressed over the urgent, or we can LIFT UP our eyes to the Lord.

What Do You Think?

  • To what or where do you think most people are looking? Around, at our nation and world?
  • Think of a time you were in panic mode or had an urgent situation and you LIFTED UP your eyes to the Lord. What happened as a result of you lifting up your eyes to Him?

Heavenly Father, thank You that we can LIFT UP our eyes to You, who are enthroned and all wise.  

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