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UPLIFT is a blog…

that focuses on ways we can please the Lord by living our lives before Him in an UPLIFTing way. We can:

  • Wise UP and benefit by living according to His teachings.
  • Lift UP our eyes to Him when we don’t know what to do.
  • Armor UP to be equipped to resist temptation.
  • Stand UP for our convictions.

But, how about the everyday subject of how we’re eating? Ouch! I don’t like to talk much about this topic, but bear with me. In a day where food is genetically engineered and super-sized, isn’t it important that we eat UP healthily as unto the Lord? After all, the Bible does discuss this.

Whereas the word “love” occurs 348 times in the Bible, “eat” occurs 527 times.

1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us, Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do,

do all to the glory of God.  

So, what do we do? Do we ignore this verse? I’ll be honest. Too often I ignore it. But, I want to become more aligned with eating to the glory of God. Don’t you?

What Would Eating & Drinking to the Glory of God Look Like

I think it varies. One person may be a vegetarian on the basis of Genesis 2:16,

“The LORD GOD commanded the man, saying, ‘From any tree of the garden you may eat freely.’  

Another person may be a beef eater on the basis of Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son and how the father threw a celebration dinner with meat being a main course. What I do know is we’re not to sit in a position of judging one another. Instead, we’re to eat and drink to the glory of God based on our convictions.

What God Made is Good

So, in this age of choices, how do we decide what to eat and drink that will glorify Him?  To answer this question I go back to

1 Timothy 4:4. It was a Kidz Time verse our son, Taylor, chose.

“Everything God made is good and we may eat it gladly if we are thankful for it.”

And, I go back to Genesis 2:16, “any tree of the garden you may freely eat.” And, I go to Jesus eating fish with His disciples. Mainly, God directs me to stay as close as possible to fresh food He created instead of genetically altered food with a zillion preservatives.  Do I always do it? No. I love chips, sweets, and other things that wouldn’t be categorized as healthy.  And, yes, a little now and then doesn’t hurt. It’s when we consume more than “a little now and then” that it’s important to refocus on Eating UP.

Time to be Upfront

What do I do when I get off-course and am enjoying junk-food more that Jesus-food?

  1. I pay attention to God in my prayer time. He convicts me that He wants me healthy. I agree with Him that I’ve strayed and am not putting healthy foods/drinks in my body, His temple.
  2. I get an accountability partner. The only way this works for me is if it’s someone who is healthy and fit and who gets that I need a reboot. Someone who eats the same way I do doesn’t work. We excuse each other. So, my accountability person is someone I know, but not well – for instance a trainer at the gym. I ask her if I can give her a weekly journal of what I’ve eaten. I don’t impose on her to counsel or coddle me. I know what to eat. I just need to know someone is going to look at my food journal. I have enough sense and pride to know that Cheetos, ice cream, cookies, and french fries won’t fare well in a food log. So, I may eat those things, but if I do, I have to record them. In other words, if I cheat I can’t lie and not record what I ate; which is why food journaling and accountability is motivating and effective.

Committed to Being Recommitted

I’m committed to being recommitted to Eat UP as unto the Lord. He wants us healthy as far as it depends on us. Will you join me in intentionally Eating UP for the next 4 weeks so we establish God honoring habits?

What Do You Think? Join the conversation below.

  1. “Eating down” rather than “Eating UP” isn’t healthy.  Do you consider our nation’s addictions to food a problem or at least a concern? Why?
  2. What helps you stay on track to “eat and drink to glorify God”?

Heavenly Father, You give us good food. Help us stand against temptations that contribute to poor health. Quicken our hearts and minds to ways we can Eat UP to glorify You. 

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