Praise to the Lord WHO IS, WHO WAS, and WHO IS TO COME

Grace to you and peace, from Him WHO IS and WHO WAS and WHO IS TO COME…”

Revelation 1:4

Have you been in awe of the magnificent beauty of the rare super moon?  According to AccuWeather, super moons happen when the moon is in the Perigee side of its orbit around earth. This puts the moon 30,000 feet closer to earth, making it bigger and brighter than usual. November 14, 2016, the moon was at its closest to earth since 1948 and it won’t be as close to again until November 25, 2034.*

The moon – IS – something that exists. The moon – WAS – created by God in eternity past. The moon- IS TO COME tomorrow and the next day and in 2034. We acknowledge it. We believe it existed in times past. We believe it will exist. So why would we doubt that Christ the Creator is the LORD WHO IS, WHO WAS and WHO IS TO COME? Rather than doubt the existence of Christ Jesus, let us be in awe of ONE who creates such beauty to govern our nights.

Let us be in awe and worship the One who offers us grace and peace. What a mighty God we have.

Lord, WHO IS, WHO WAS, AND WHO IS TO COME, we praise and worship You! 



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