Praise to God’s CHOSEN ONE

“’Behold, My Servant, whom I uphold; My CHOSEN ONE in whom My soul delights.’”

Isaiah 42:1

How would you answer the question, “In what does your soul delight?” If someone asked me, I’d have to think for a minute. What about you? Would you say you’re “into” music? Or, would it be sports? Or your family? Or work? Or cooking?  Fill in the blank. My soul delights in _________________.  God the Father said HIS soul delights in Jesus, His chosen One. Sounds like a proud parent watching His child, doesn’t it? I wonder if our souls would more often find delight if we kept our eyes on God’s CHOSEN ONE.

JESUS, GOD’S CHOSEN ONE, we worship and praise You. We delight in who You are! 


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