Praise to Our HUMBLE LORD & A TRIBUTE to Mothers

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew 11:29

Do you ever find yourself being prideful or critical of others? Humility is a godly trait and one we see evidenced in our Lord.  Jesus was HUMBLE. He explained that His humility flowed from His heart. In other words, from the essence of who He is. That’s what we need. Not an attempt at humility, but rather to truly regard others as more important than ourselves. Jesus said we are to learn from Him. If we’re not HUMBLE, we can begin by turning to Him and asking Him to fill us with His HUMBLE Spirit.

*A special note to mothers on Mother’s Day. You’re so giving and humble in your service to your family and others. Maybe they don’t notice. They don’t see all the work you do before they wake up and after they go to bed. They have no idea how many prayers you pray for them. But, our Humble Lord sees every item you wash, every dish you load, every meal you shop for and cook, every lunch you pack, every hour you hold your sick child in your arms when your body is screaming for sleep. You’re in good company, moms, with our Humble Lord. So, I pray God’s blessings on you – that you find your self-worth, confidence, rest, and joy in Him.

Lord, You who have every right to be prideful chose to serve us and even HUMBLE yourself to the point of death. We praise You, most HUMBLE, gracious Lord Jesus, and pray to be more like You.

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