What We Love About * WEEK at a Glance * Prayers of My Heart

Congratulations on getting Prayers of My Heart! We love the Week at a Glance section because it’s a great way to keep prayer requests and answered prayers organized.  For instance, under FAMILY, “JJ find job” was recorded. When he found a job, “THANK YOU, LORD!” was recorded in celebration. It was easy to find JJ’s name/request in the FAMILY column.  If you’re not using the Month at A Glance section to record God’s names/titles, you can designate the 1st column “LORD” and record His traits there. We often use who He is as a prayer prompt for our prayers for others. See on the Sample Page how “ALMIGHTY” prompted prayer for God to “EMPOWER” and “WALK BY YOUR SPIRIT” requests. Additional instructions can be found in your journal’s Welcome. Be sure to check out the MONTH At A GLANCE section!

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