What Do I Do with My Anger


The other morning I looked out my window and saw a brush fire not far from our house.  Orange flames and grey smoke rose to the sky.  Then, with relief, I noticed my neighbor’s truck. Several men were tending to a fire, watching over it as it burned cedar. You know, anger is a lot like fire. It’s not necessarily wrong if it’s righteous anger. For instance, the Bible tells us that God is at times righteously angry. Ephesians 4:26 tells us to be angry, but to not sin. Why? Because if we don’t deal with anger in the right way, the Bible says it gives the devil an opportunity in our lives.  Okay, so you may not believe in the devil, but Genesis to Revelation speaks of him, exposing him as an evil and powerful reality. Our anger, like fire, can be used purposefully or if left unchecked can damage our lives and others. Learn more about what to do with anger at debbietaylorwilliams.com. 

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