Keep Reaching for the Sky


Last year, I planted flowers in a pot outside of our garage. The flowers bloomed all summer but died when it got cold.  I pulled them up, thinking they were annuals that needed to be replanted every year.  The following year I was shocked to see tiny green shoots pushing their way through the soil in the pot. I was glad I hadn’t uprooted all of them. What amazed me, though, were two tiny green leaves pushing their way through the gravel several feet away. Even though they had no rich soil, they made a way, defied all odds, and eventually bloomed. They’ve given me more pleasure than the ones blooming in the pot. I notice them more because their flowery display shows more grandly against the gravel. Are you like the flowers in the gravel? Going it alone and not under the best conditions? If so, hang in there. Your heavenly Father has His eye on you, as we’re reminded in Psalm 33:13. Keep reaching for the sky and blooming right where you are.

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