Hitch Your Wagon to the Right Star


Are you familiar with the saying, “Hitch your wagon to a star”? It’s an idiom that means “to commit to an aspirational goal or course of action that will lead to fulfillment.”* But many today are hitching to the opposite. Instead of hitching to what Romans 1:25 describes as God who is BLESSED FOREVER, they’re hitching to worldly godlessness. The Bible warns us that there are serious repercussions when people don’t honor God, give Him thanks, and exchange the truth of God for a lie. God eventually gives those people over. Over to what? Romans 1:18-25 tells us – over to impurity, over to dishonor, over to degrading passions, and over to depraved minds. What are we hitching our lives to? God who is BLESSED FOREVER or the world’s culture?

Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus, who are BLESSED FOREVER, use us as lights to point people to You.

“BLESSED FOREVER” is one of God’s character traits. To learn other ways you can know God, join us HERE


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