When A Conversation Goes South


Have you ever had a conversation start out one way and then before you knew it, either you weren’t explaining your point clearly or the other person wasn’t hearing it in the way you meant? That happened to me the other day. I was complimenting someone, then somehow the conversation went south. They thought I was saying something I didn’t intend to say. It’s easy to misunderstand one another because we come from different backgrounds and hear from different points of view. One thing our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to misunderstand is how much He loves us. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard the words in John 3:16, let them soak into your heart and mind today. “God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will not die, but have eternal life.” Those are good words. God couldn’t state His love for us more clearly.

2 thoughts on “When A Conversation Goes South

  1. Donna, I had to chuckle on this one and then I posted what you shared on Facebook. This is what I wrote… ‘This is SO true. I told someone one day, ‘You haven’t changed a bit’ and she promptly responded, ‘You HAVEN’T either!’ She didn’t allow me complete what I was trying to say to her, ‘…you’re as pretty ‘today’ as you were when I first ‘met’ you.’ We had previously a ‘going out’ and she was still there when I ‘wasn’t’. Now ‘smile’. Those things ‘happen’. People ‘misunderstand’ what we’re trying to say… ‘sometimes’. And the best way to get over those times is simply to say to that person, ‘I’m sorry.’ There are those who have bad days when we’re having good days.

    1. Jerry, that is so true. A gracious, “I’m sorry,” is a good response in times of misunderstandings. Thanks for sharing!

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