Are You a Low Viewer or a High Viewer

Do you need a place to go to that is higher than you, a place where you can scale the heights and look at life from a different, eternal perspective? If you said, yes, that’s understandable. The daily grind can become just that – a grind. The thrill of the chase ends. The romance changes. The kids grow up. The job ends. The money runs out. The other side wins. Sin gets the best of us. What do we do in those cases?  Isaiah 33:16 tells us we can go to a place where we can gain perspective.  “He will dwell on the heights, his refuge will be the IMPREGNABLE ROCK.” If we know we can scale the heights and see life with an eternal perspective, then we must ask ourselves if we are.  Or, are we trudging through our days bemoaning our circumstances?  Today, let’s scale the heights of the Lord, our impregnable rock, and consider things from His eternal perspective.

LORD, You are the IMPREGNABLE ROCK, our spiritual refuge. Thank You that we can scale heaven’s heights and view our life with Your perspective. 

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