Get Rid of the Cat Clinging Guilt

You’re INVITED this Sunday, June 9. My husband and I are teaching from 2nd Peter, “How to Live by the Divine Nature.”  If you live in the Texas hill country, join us 9:45-10:45 am. You do not need to be a member of a church or be a Christian to come. Our class, Crossroads, meets in the Family Life Center/Gym on the first floor at Trinity Baptist Church, 800 Jackson Rd, Kerrville, TX.  Come early for fruit, donuts, coffee, and juice. People from all walks come dressed in jeans, shorts, dresses, slacks – whatever you like, whoever you are, we welcome you!  And, of course, you’re invited to our worship service led by Pastor John Wheat. Come, receive a blessing this Sunday!  I’ll be at the tables in the gym to greet you. 

Have you ever felt guilty? Isn’t it a horrible feeling? What do you do with guilt? You can’t hide it, shake it, or bury it. It clings to you like a cat. Nails dug in, it’s determined to not turn loose of your heart. However, there is One who never experienced guilt. Hebrews 7:26  says this about Jesus, “For it was fitting for us to have such a high priest, holy, INNOCENT, undefiled, separated from sinners and exalted above the heavens;” Can you imagine being holy and INNOCENT one moment and the next moment experiencing the guilt of the world?  Jesus did that for us. Never question His love…”while we were yet sinners, He died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

Wonderful, Savior, INNOCENT ONE, thank You for taking our guilt so that we might be declared innocent.

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