I love it when God says, “this is my name.” Then, in case we aren’t paying attention, He repeats Himself. “—for you shall not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God—” (Exodus 34:14)  It’s as if God is saying, “Hellooooo! Is anyone listening? I’m jealous when you adore things and people above Me.” Ouch! That hits close to home. How do we know if we’re worshipping things and people above God? We look at where we spend our time. We consider what’s most on our mind. We look at our bank account to see where we devote our money. Our thoughts, time, and money tell us and God whom/what we worship. Has something or someone slipped in as our god? If so, what will we do about it?

Heavenly Father, You are JEALOUS when our thoughts, money, and time go to things and people above You.  Forgive us. Show us how to hurriedly right this wrong. 

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