Are You in Emotional, Physical, or Spiritual Bondage?

Do you ever feel “tied up” in a spiritual, physical, or emotional bondage? Are you concerned for a loved one who is in bondage?  If so, pray to the Lord on the basis of Psalm 116:16 which says,  “Lord, surely I am Your servant, You have LOOSED MY BONDS.”  This verse reminds us that God can do what no one else can do. He has loosed us from the bonds of death and given us eternal freedom. “Unbind him and let him go,” Jesus directed those who watched Him raise Lazarus from the dead. “Unbind her. Unbind him,” Jesus commands when we call to Him in faith to loosen chains that bind us.

Lord, You are the great and mighty God who LOOSENS BONDS. We praise You for the bonds of death from which You’ve set us free. Please loosen and set free those who are still in bondage. Loosen any emotional, spiritual, or physical bondages that may remain in our lives. Free us to run the race You’ve set before us. We look to You to do what only You can do. 


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