Call on Him

Friends, I’ve missed you!  I was in an area with no cell service last week. Glad to be back. 
When you were a child, did you watch the cartoon, “Mighty Mouse”?  Do you remember the chorus,  “Here I come to save the day! That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!”

When I was young and watched “Mighty Mouse,” I believed he would “save the day.” Growing older doesn’t mean we no longer need someone to “save the day.” We do. We need someone to save us from our sins. We need someone to call on when we’re fearful.  We need someone to call on when life overwhelms us. We need someone to call on when physical, financial, or spiritual darkness consumes us. But unlike an imaginary cartoon character, the One on whom we call is real. Joshua 22:22 states, “The MIGHTY ONE, God, the Lord, the MIGHTY ONE, God, the Lord!” In other words, our God has, can, and will save our today, our tomorrow, and our eternity. He is thee MIGHTY ONE! Call on Him. Commit Psalm 119:147 to heart. Find comfort in it. “I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Your words.”

Heavenly Father, help us be ever mindful that YOU ARE THE MIGHTY ONE WHO saves our day. May we confidently say, “We’re not worrying at all; we’re just listening for Your call.”

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