Nobody’s Perfect!

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Have you ever defended your bad behavior by saying, “Nobody’s perfect.”  Or, has someone ever said to you, “Nobody’s perfect!” in defense of something they’ve done wrong? It’s a common response because it’s true. Nobody is perfect except Jesus. However, and this is a big however, our imperfections aren’t excuses to stay as we are. Rather, they’re signals for where we need to look to Jesus for His example and empowerment to change. For instance, in  Matthew 5:48, Jesus doesn’t say, “Heh guys, give yourself a break. Nobody’s perfect.” Instead, He says, “Your Heavenly Father is perfect. You’re to be perfect.”

Rather than Jesus letting us off the hook, He sees our potential to be transformed into His likeness by walking by His Spirit rather than by our old nature. It’s a wonderful calling. How will we respond?

Heavenly Father, You are PERFECT. Thank You for the gift of Your Spirit who transforms us when we walk according to His power in us. 

“’Therefore, you are to be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is PERFECT.’”

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