How To Get Through the Next 86,400 Seconds

I’M ON MY WAY TO THE West Virginia PRAY CONFERENCE on September 7! Prayers, please, for safe travel, God’s anointing, and an outpouring of people attend; for salvation for seekers, and recommitments by Christians to pray more purposefully and live more passionately for Christ. Thank you!


Have you ever wondered how you were going to make it through the next 86,400 seconds? (24 hours) You may have even said to someone, “I need help and I need it now,” but felt like your plea wasn’t heard. If your thoughts are going places they shouldn’t go or your emotions are spiraling, look to God who is described in Psalm 46:1 as not just a future help to us in heaven, but rather as a very PRESENT HELP. Commentator Charles Ryrie explains “Very PRESENT HELP can have the idea of ‘well-proved help.'” In other words, we don’t have to hope God can help us. Rather, we can rest assured that God is present and He is reliable. We can pray, “God, thank You for being present with me. Please help me now.” How does His help come? In different ways. He may strengthen us to get through what seems impossible. He may send a person who offers their help. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to the help He provides and thank Him for it.

Lord, thank You for being PRESENT to HELP us.  Help us keep our eyes on You and trust each day to You. 

Write your thanks to God HERE every day and you’ll develop a more optimistic viewpoint. Why? You’ll see how God is being your present help. I’ve marked Prayers of My Heart journal from $14.99 to $9.99. Get it now!

“God is our refuge and strength, A very PRESENT HELP in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

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