Feeling Spiritually Sluggish?

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Do you ever feel sluggish? You know – blah? Can’t quite find your “get up and go” even though there are things you could be, should be doing? Nobody likes that feeling. So what do we do when we don’t feel motivated to pray, work, or get moving? We lift up our soul to God.  (Psalm 143:8)  We read God’s Word regardless of how we feel, and while reading, discover that we’re encouraged and inspired. God’s thoughts become our thoughts. His passions our passions. We ask our Heavenly Father to give us the mind and energy of Christ. The King James Version of 1 Corinthians 15:45 contrasts the first man, Adam, with the “last Adam,” Jesus, in this way: “The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a QUICKENING SPIIRT.” As a Quickening Spirit, Jesus arouses and invigorates us. Christ followers are not spiritually dead. We’re alive! Pray and ask God to fill you with His Holy Quickening Spirit; then pay attention to His promptings in your heart and mind.

TIP:  I daily open my Prayers of My Heart journal so I can record what God quickens me to pray and prompts me to do. Having our Bible, pen, and journal in hand signals to God that we are ready and willing to listen to and follow His promptings.  Currently 1/2 price HERE

Heavenly Father, thank You for Jesus who is a Quickening Spirit! Arouse and invigorate us to do Your will. 


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