If You’re Struggling with Darkness


As the sun rises in the east and brings light to the world, so, Zacharias prophesied in Luke 1:78 that Jesus would bring light to the world; calling Him the “dayspring from on high.” Listen to his words,  “Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us.”  Jesus, the Dayspring of heaven, visited earth and brought heaven’s glorious light to our dark world. What light? The light of His glory.  The light of His Holy Spirit enlightening our hearts. The light of His Words showing us the path of truth. The light of His radiance purifying us of our sin. The light of His presence energizing us. If you’re struggling with the darkness, ask the Dayspring from on high to rise and shine in your heart.

DAYSPRING from ON HIGH, we confess that in our world, the darkness can feel heavy. We confess we need Your light to purify us of our sin and to shine on the path we’re to go. Thank You.


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