Not Just Any Man

Jesus came to earth as a baby so He might grow into a man; but not just any man. He came from heaven as our MESSIAH. Andrew heard John the Baptist announce that Jesus was the Lamb of God who had come to take away the sins of the world. Andrew followed Jesus and after spending time with Him, went and told his brother, Simon Peter, “We have found the MESSIAH,” John 1:41.  Andrew was intentional about his search for the Messiah and after finding Him, was intentional about telling others. What ways can we be more intentional about sharing Christ with others? We can begin by praying for our unsaved friends and for our nation to turn to Christ. I label the last column in the Week at a Glance section of Prayers of My Heart: “Unsaved” so I remember to daily pray for unsaved friends and family. I hope you’re joining me at Starting Strong with 2020 Vision. I’ll be sharing additional ways we can strengthen our prayer life in 2020. Click to register:  Starting Strong with 2020 Vision. 

How about inviting a neighbor to join you? 

Jesus Christ, MESSIAH, You are all good things: love, forgiveness, hope, peace, and joy! Help us be as Andrew; intentional about following You and about telling others about You.


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