Are You Ready for a New Year

Last year, innocent people were killed. Illness struck suddenly. You made it through one storm and another hit. Are you ready for a new year?  If so, may I recommend how Psalm 61:3 describes God.  “You have been a refuge for me, a tower of strength against the enemy.” A tower is a high place where we can look at life from God’s perspective, where we pray, pour out our heart to God, intercede for others, and quietly listen for His counsel. If we want to experience God’s best next year, we can. Our Father is a tower of strength and refuge to whom we can go.  Start the New Year Strong. Learn more.   Register Today.    Also be sure to JOIN my new Prayers of My Heart Facebook Gathering. I’ll be there to personally chat with you.

Jesus, tower of strength and refuge, we praise You. When we don’t know how we can get through the next minute, You help us get through the next year. You are our strength and help. Thank You for all the ways You guarded and guided us this past year. We look to next year with joy and hope because of You.  


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