Case Dismissed!

I wish sin wasn’t a part of my life, but it is. I miss the mark of holiness every day. Jesus doesn’t want us to live under condemnation, though. Remember when the Jews wanted to stone a woman caught in adultery and Jesus told her to go and sin no more? He told her He didn’t condemn her. He wanted her to live free. Free of adultery. Free of guilt and condemnation. He wants the same for us. Jesus is our Advocate, as 1 John 2:1 explains, “My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an ADVOCATE with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous;” Jesus is our Advocate, just as He was for the adulterous woman. Only when we arrive in heaven will we fully appreciate the magnitude of Jesus winning the case for our freedom by taking our guilt on the Himself.  

Lord Jesus, thank You for being our Advocate and winning our eternal freedom. 


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