Wanderin’ Mind

Are you familiar with the song, “Wand’rin Star” that Lee Marvin sang in the movie, Paint Your Wagon? Webster defines “wander” as going about from place to without a plan. While Marvin’s song may have been a hit, a wandering mind isn’t a hit when we’re praying. It’s frustrating and ineffective. If you’ve found yourself praying, “Dear God, thank you for this day. Oh! That reminds me, I forgot to get eggs for breakfast.” then you know what I mean. How can we stay focused in prayer rather than have a wandering mind? We can write our prayers. For instance, in Prayers of My Heart journal, there is a section called Week at A Glance where you can write the names of those for whom you daily pray.  As your eye focuses on a name, you record a word or two reminders of your prayer. Then, you move in prayer to the next person. Rather than having a wandering mind, you have focused, meaningful prayers. Prayers of My Heart journal  – the solution for a wandering mind.

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