If You’re Disappointed

THANK YOU for YOUR PRAYERS for my speaking engagement at LIFT AZ. The women were amazing and God is faithful! 

Are you disappointed? If so, in what? Or, are you disappointed in a person? Or, are you disappointed in yourself? God understands disappointment. Lots of things can cause us to feel let down. Sometimes our disappointment is because we have unrealistic expectations about others. I write about that in The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World. Other times, our disappointments are valid. No one is perfect, including us. First Peter 2:6 is encouraging because God wants us to know that there’s something He’s provided that will never disappoint us: our faith in Jesus. “Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a PRECIOUS CORNERSTONE, and he who believes in Him will not be disappointed.” Look around and consider what you’re building your expectations on. If it’s a dollar amount, a certain house, a perfect spouse, perfect children, a perfect friendship, job, or even you being perfect, then you will experience disappointment at times. But if you build your expectations on Jesus and your life on His teachings, you will not be disappointed. It’s our choice. Live disappointed or build our life on Christ.

Lord Jesus, You are the PRECIOUS CORNERSTONE on whom we can build our lives and not be disappointed. Thank YOU!

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