Something to Smile About

“What does your husband do?” Many women are asked that question when first getting to know someone. For a single woman who longs to be married, such a question can be exasperating. For a woman whose husband works in a position she doesn’t respect, the question can make her uncomfortable. But what if someone asked about your husband and you replied, “He’s God of all the earth, the Lord of HOSTS.” Why could we legitimately reply that way?  Isaiah 54:5 says, “For your HUSBAND is your Maker, whose name is the Lord of hosts; and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, who is called the God of all the earth.” God describes Himself as our HUSBAND who is committed to us for eternity. That’s something to smile about.   

Lord, HUSBAND, Maker, Lord of hosts, Redeemer, Holy One of Israel, God of all the earth, we love You and thank You for Your tender care and commitment to us. 

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