Why Did I Do That

Have you ever done something and immediately afterward you said, “Shoot! Why did I do that?” That happened to me the other day. I’d tackled a stack of papers that had accumulated on my desk – you know – the to-dos, notes to myself; as well as important papers like bills. I was quite pleased with the amount I’d shredded. Then, after writing out a check and looking for the self-addressed envelope, I realized I’d shredded it, too. My haste had made waste. It caused me to stop and think about how I handle my days. Am I busily running around but wasting time that could be spent with my Heavenly Father in prayer and meditating on the important truths in the Bible? If you, like me,  don’t want to get to the end of your day and life only to realize you wasted precious time that could have been spent in prayer and Bible reading, then delve deep in the Word with “How to Live by the Divine Nature” or  “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.”  As Jesus pointed out to busy Martha, His presence is “the good part, which shall not be taken away.” (Luke 10:42)

 Heavenly Father, forgive us when we busily run through our day without making time to sit in Your presence to study Your ways and to pray. Help us wisely choose the good part of each day – You.

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