Dark Spots and Tunnels

Are you in a dark spot? Maybe not literally, but it feels like it. You’re down. You don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps it’s the sin that surrounds you that oppresses your spirit. Maybe you’ve lost your vision for future projects or the vision for the family for which you long. Perhaps the thought of growing older and entering the sunset years seems bleak. Whatever you’re going through, there’s good news. God is an eternal lamp that illumines darkness. Wherever you go, whatever your future, He will be there. Day by day, moment by moment, look to the Light of His presence in the midst of your darkness.  Say with the psalmist, “You ILLUMINE MY DARKNESS.2 Samuel 22:29

Jesus, thank You that even in the worst of times, You are present. You ILLUMINE MY DARKNESS.

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