Maxine Worldview

Have you heard about the pastor who used four worms for an illustration?  He put the first worm in a jar of alcohol, the second in a jar of cigarette smoke, the third in a jar of chocolate, and the fourth in a jar of soil. Concluding his sermon, he reported that the worms in alcohol, cigarette smoke, and chocolate had died.  The worm in the soil was alive. Then he asked, “What do you learn from this?”  Maxine quickly raised her hand and offered, “If you drink, smoke, and eat chocolate, you won’t get worms.” Yes, some people like Maxine have a view based on their perspective and preferences. However, Jesus presents us with an eternal, Biblical world view. Although we may chuckle at jokes, our eternity and what we believe about Jesus is no laughing matter. Get into the richness of God’s Word and discover how He wants you to thrive even in difficult times. Find resources at


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