Pie Soup

Driving down the road, I saw a sign advertising Pie Soup. Thinking how disgusting that sounded, I realized a comma must have fallen from between pie and soup. Does a comma on a sign make a difference? Yes. Does a comma or pause make a difference in our lives. Yes. How? Days can run together with activities. Without pauses, we may be as unappealing as pie soup. Consider how the following spiritual commas might help frustrated mom, hurried dad, or over-scheduled child. A morning comma between waking and dashing out the door to pause in prayer. A noontime comma to thank God for your food. An evening comma to pray between work and arriving home. A bedtime comma between dinner and going to sleep to read your Bible. Christians are billboards for Jesus. Which spiritual comma might you incorporate to make Christ appealing to others? Find more tips in “The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World.”

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