If It Looks Like A Duck

Have you read stories of horses or ducks to a child and then had the delight of seeing their expression when they see a real one? I had such an occasion with a grandchild. On the way to the park, I explained, “Ducks. Quack, quack.” Arriving at the park, I pointed, “There’s a duck!”  Watching my grandchild’s face, I delighted at the moment he saw a live duck.  Leaping from my arms, he ran toward the ducks then gazed at their white feathers and orange bill. What he’d been shown in books, he saw firsthand.  We have never seen God, but Jesus has explained Him. He is clothed in radiance.  His nature is love. Jesus is the exact radiance of God’s glory. Currently, we read about Jesus in the Bible, but one day, we’ll see Him face to face.  And our eyes will widen far more than my grandsons did. Learn about God’s glory in my book, “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.


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