Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Has it been a while since you’ve flown on a plane? doubt, when you fly, you’ll hear the announcement, “In the event of a drop in oxygen, put your mask on first, then assist your child.” Why are we told that? Because we can’t help someone if we’re gasping for air. The same holds true in life. Many are gasping for air. They’ve lost their financial altitude. They’ve had the breath knocked out of their career. They’re gasping for contentment and joy. We can only help others if we put on our oxygen mask, our spiritual oxygen mask, that is. The breath of Christ living through us, His Spirit energizing our lives. Learn how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ as Romans 13:14 instructs us in my study, “If God is In Control, Why Am I A Basket Case?” advises. Then, help others.

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