Have you recently heard the word “fear” in relation to the pandemic, elections, fires, and even drinking water? Yes. The news, “Brain-eating amoeba in city’s water supply kills 6-year-old,” may have caught your attention when Texas Governor Abbott issued a disaster declaration in Brazoria County on September 27 after an amoeba that can cause a rare and deadly infection of the brain was discovered in the local water supply system. What more could happen in 2020, we may ask. Few would disagree with author/speaker Jonathan Chan’s statement that 2020 has been a year of America being shaken. Is our being shaken a bad thing? Or, might it be a wake up call? While some today discount the value of fear and associate it with not trusting God, the Bible explains the value of fear that is rightly placed. Is ours? For more on the kinds of fear and to consider which fear you have, read my column, “Are Christians to Fear or Not Fear?

You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD; He is their help and their shield. Psalm 115:11

Heavenly Father, our nation has been shaken. Shaken by fires, lawlessness, the murders of innocent ones,  disease, floods, and more. We are looking to You, our Lord and Savior. Teach us how to walk through our days so that we point others to You. 

Are Christians to Fear or Not Fear?

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