Speaker of the House

So what do you think of the Speaker of the House? Oh, I’m not talking about the speaker of the US House of Representatives.  I’m referring to the Speaker of God’s House, the Speaker of Righteousness, as Isaiah 45:19 describes the LORD. “‘I have not spoken in secret, in some dark land…I, the Lord, SPEAK RIGHTEOUSNESS, declaring things that are upright.’”  How refreshing that we have a Speaker of the HOUSE who is the Speaker of Righteousness. In reading the Bible, we hear His righteous voice. As citizens of His Kingdom, we are wise to pay attention, ponder, and practice what the SPEAKER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS says above what all other speakers say. Are we listening?  Are we sharing the words of the Speaker of Righteousness with others? One of the ways my ministry shares what God has spoken is through our ministry page on Facebook. It is a “microphone” we use to “go out into the world.” When you Like” the page, it increases the Speaker’s reach. Even if you don’t often use Facebook, you can still click HERE and check “LIKE” to help the Speaker of Righteousness’s voice reach others.

Thank You, LORD, SPEAKER of the House of RIGHTEOUSNESS. May we listen to and follow Your voice above all others. 

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