Are You One of the Few

It’s another day. Maybe it’s a great day. Or, it may seem like the worst day of your life. What are we to do when it’s the worst day?  If we’re wise, we’ll follow David’s example. He had ups and downs and promises unfulfilled for what seemed a long time. What do we learn from him? In 2 Samuel 22:29, we find his key to success. “You are my lamp, O Lord; and the Lord illumines my darkness.” If we didn’t know the context in which he said this, we might think David is sailing through life with God as His LAMP. But when we read the verse in context, we discover he’s been in the dark, battling an enemy, and has walls to get over. (2 Samuel 22:29) Are you in the dark? Are you battling something? Are there walls you need to get over? The fact that there are dark, difficult struggles in our life is not what is unusual. The fact that the Lord of the Universe is our personal illuminator through them is incredible! There are many people, according to Jesus (Matthew 7:13-14), who do not have God as their LAMP.  If you are one of the few who does, you are incredibly blessed. The question is – are you turning to your LAMP? Are you walking in the light He shines on your path? Are you reading His enlightening Words in Scripture? Are you following His illuminating Spirit as you quieten your heart in prayer; asking, then listening for His guidance?

Lord, the fact that You, the Lord of the Universe, offer Yourself as a LAMP to our path is unique and incredible. May we who know You respond gratefully and wisely seek and follow Your Light.