Grinning Joy


Do you ever have a blah day? That happened to me some time ago. Not motivated. Not feeling the joy only God can give. If you can relate and it’s been a while since you’ve had grinning joy that causes you to race to God to thank Him, you can. How? What caused me to get the joy only God can give? One morning as I was praying, the Holy Spirit nudged me to do something. I wrote it in my journal, then quickly did it. The result?  My spirit was filled with joy. No doubt the disciples experienced joy after returning from their first missionary journey. (Luke 10:17) They experienced joy as they followed Christ’s instructions. (Matthew 25:21) The next time you notice that there’s no spring in your step, go to God. Offer yourself to Him then follow through on how He prompts you. Experience grinning joy.

Extraordinary Spirit – I Want It


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My husband, Keith, was recently teaching from the book of Daniel. Following along in my Bible, I read the king’s words to Daniel in 5:14, “Now I have heard about you that a spirit of the gods is in you.” In Daniel 6:3, the spirit of the gods is described as “extraordinary.” An extraordinary, not ordinary spirit, lived in Daniel and of course, also lives in us if we are a Christian. Do we hear the words of the Bible? Do we get it? Are we living by the extraordinary Spirit of the gods, of the God, the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, why not? Learn about the extraordinary Spirit who is in you and how to walk by His Spirit as Daniel did.  Listen UP: 31 Points About the Holy Spirit.

Thank You for Trusting Me with Your Body




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“Thank you for trusting me with your body,” the massage therapist commented at the end of my session. His comment startled me and caused me to wonder if a neck massage could have turned into a snapped neck. The fact is we do trust our body to people: doctors, massage therapists, nutritionists. More importantly, we entrust our body to Christ or the devil. Yes, Jude 9 records that Michael, the archangel, disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses. The devil wanted Moses’ body. That is a horrifying thought. It is equally horrifying to realize the devil wants our body and soul. It begs an important question. To whom have you entrusted your body? “Meet Jesus.”

Have Fun with God



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Do you ever save a note someone has written you? I have a special one that my daughter wrote to me when she was five. It says, “Have fun with God and practicing BSF, ” a Bible Study I taught at that time. Lauren associated me having fun teaching a Bible study in the same way she had fun at her dance class. It raises a good question. Do we have fun with God? No doubt the disciples did when followed Jesus’s advice and threw their fishing net where He showed them. They had so many fish they could barely haul them to shore! Although life has hard and sorrowful times, as believers we should also know the joy of the Lord, as Galatians 5:22 explains. How can you experience more joy? Daily record ways God is working in your life and those for whom you pray. You’ll experience an increase in joy when you do. Get more tips for a joy-filled life.

Take Hold of Your Miracle


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Have you ever seen God work miracles in people’s lives and wondered if it might be possible in yours? Why shouldn’t God work miracles in your life? The other person in whom Jesus works miracles is not holy in and of themselves, but through Christ. Our Savior came to seek and to save the lost, as Luke 19:10 states. Begin with the miracle of being forgiven of your sins by repenting and confessing Jesus as Lord. Continue walking with Him and experience the miracle of your eyes being opened as you pour over the Scriptures. Prayerfully begin each day humbly before the Heavenly Father and experience the miracle of the Holy Spirit filling you. Practice Christ’s teachings and experience the miracle of a transformed life. Miracles are all around us. Take hold of yours. My study, “How to Live by the Divine Nature” will show you how.

I Knew You Were Going to Do That



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I knew you were going to do that. Have you ever said those words to a close family member or friend? You were able to say that because you had been around them so much. Could we also say in praise to God, “I knew you were going to do that” when He does something miraculous or extraordinary? Deuteronomy 5:24 says, “God has shown us His glory.” In other words, when we pray and ask God to work in someone’s life or in our life and He does, we can joyfully praise Him, “I knew You were going to do that.” Such words reflect our faith in God’s presence and provision. If you’ve never smiled heavenward and praised God, expressing your confidence in Him, why not? Begin the journey toward greater intimacy with God.  Watch, listen, or read “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.”

I Can’t God, I’m Praying


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Recently while reviewing my teaching videos of Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion, I was reminded of one morning when I was praying. The Holy Spirit brought to mind a point to include in a chapter. Noting the point, I continued to pray when the Spirit nudged me, “Write it down now.” My response? “I can’t God, I’m praying.” Oh yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds. I laughed at myself. It woke me to a stark realization, though. Prayer is two way conversation if we give our Heavenly Father a chance to speak to us. We see His desire to have two way conversations throughout the Bible. God and Abraham. God and Moses. Jesus and Peter. They walked and talked together.  We can have that kind of prayer life. My book Bible study, Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion can help you develop greater intimacy with God. Prayers of My Heart journal gives you a place to record how the Lord impresses you.

What’s Going to Happen


Do you ever wonder what in the world is going to happen?  Wars and rumors of war increase. Hostility, not peace, seems to be increasing.  If you’re concerned over the future, you’re not alone. But God doesn’t want us to be clueless. As a matter of fact, He gave Daniel a vision of future events. Daniel records in chapter 7, verses 21-22 that there will be a war and God’s saints will be overpowered until the One who is more powerful than any other, the highest one, Jesus, steps in. I wonder if you feel as I do – grateful, honored, and relieved to be on God’s side. And not only to be on His side, but to be called His saint. That is what’s going to happen one day. Be assured you are on the right side. Read the “Assurance of Salvation” verses.

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Gliding or Transforming


Looking at my watch, I noted my shower would have to be a hurried one.  Quickly shaving one leg, I wondered why the razor glided so smoothly over my leg. Then I realized the blade cover was still on the razor. Thinking about it, I realized the same can happen to our soul if we attend church but let a sermon glide over us. What’s the problem with that? It’s not doing what the Word of God is intended to do – change us. Second Corinthians 3:18 reminds us that God isn’t interested in gliding over sin but rather removing it so we reflect Christ. Which best describes us? Spiritually gliding or experiencing change, being conformed to the image of Christ? Learn how to get rid of the sin stubble in your life. Read, watch, or listen to Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.

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I Miss Jesus


Recently I babysat our young grandson. After a fun time at the airport watching airplanes, we headed home.  On the way, I heard a soft voice from the back seat. “I miss Poppy.”  Smiling that he missed Keith who wasn’t able to join us, my thoughts turned to the importance of relationships – family ones, but also heavenly ones. I wonder, do we miss Jesus on days we don’t hang out with Him? Yes, miss Jesus because our normal routine is to spend time with Him reading our Bible and praying. If this is a new concept to you, consider how wonderful it would be if you were so close to Jesus you missed Him if you didn’t spend time with Him every day. Having daily time with Jesus doesn’t have to be hard. Sign up and begin your day with my daily devotional 365 Days of Praise. Experience an increasingly close relationship with Him. Never miss Jesus.

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