Clean and Empowered

Are you a Christian? In other words, you’ve acknowledged you’re a sinner. You’ve asked the Heavenly Father to forgive you on the basis of Jesus taking your sins on Himself and dying for them. You’ve been cleansed. But are you living an empowered life? You see, John the Baptist baptized people in water, but in John 1:33, he explained that Jesus baptizes us in the Holy Spirit. “‘He upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining upon Him, this is the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit.’” Jesus explained in Acts 1:8 that we receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us at our salvation. God’s provision for believers is Holy Spirit anointed power! If we’re trudging through life and living in our own strength, it’s time to check the pulse of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Learn more about the Holy Spirit in the Listen UP DVD or How to Live by the Divine Nature Bible study.  2 Resources to help you grow.

Thank You, JESUS, that when we come to You in repentance, confessing You as Lord and Savior, You BAPTIZE us with the HOLY SPIRIT. Help us be mindful of the gift of Your Spirit in us so we walk and live by the Spirit.

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