I Miss Jesus

Recently I babysat our young grandson. After a fun time at the airport watching airplanes, we headed home.  On the way, I heard a soft voice from the back seat. “I miss Poppy.”  Smiling that he missed Keith who wasn’t able to join us, my thoughts turned to the importance of relationships – family ones, but also heavenly ones. I wonder, do we miss Jesus on days we don’t hang out with Him? Yes, miss Jesus because our normal routine is to spend time with Him reading our Bible and praying. If this is a new concept to you, consider how wonderful it would be if you were so close to Jesus you missed Him if you didn’t spend time with Him every day. Having daily time with Jesus doesn’t have to be hard. Sign up and begin your day with my daily devotional 365 Days of Praise. Experience an increasingly close relationship with Him. Never miss Jesus.

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