Go for the Supreme

Do you like supreme pizzas?  I do!  They have everything on them. They’re the best when it comes to pizza in my opinion. But one thing that isn’t an opinion but rather a fact is that there is a Supreme God and He is everything for which our hearts could yearn.  Genesis 1:1 explains.  “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.” GOD is Elohim and scholar Charles Ryrie explains that Elohim is a generic term for deity as well as a proper name for the true god. Its basic meaning is ‘strong one, mighty leader, supreme Deity.’ There is no one and no God more supreme than the Lord Jesus Christ whom we worship. Go to Him. Bow before Him. Call on Him in praise and worship.  Ask Him for your needs. He is all you could ever want.

Supreme God, we bow in worship and praise of You, for how You have revealed Your majesty to us, for how You’ve reached down and saved us, for how You will raise us up to be in Your presence one day, for the many ways You watch over us and protect us.  It is with unspeakable reverence we praise You!