Important Upside Down Thinking

Are you a unique upside-down thinker or a common thinker? I ask because Christians are called to some pretty upside-down thinking. For instance, Isaiah prophesied what seems an upside-down thought; that God the Father would allow His Son to become a servant. Yet, it’s right here in Isaiah 53:11, “MY SERVANT, will justify the many, as He will bear their iniquities.” What an upside-down thought – that the Son would be a SERVANT who would take the punishment for our sins. We don’t think that way. We more commonly think that more success, more wealth, more prestige are indicators of God’s favor and will.  But that’s not what Jesus modeled or said. Jesus became God’s SERVANT and died on the cross for our sins. What should be our response? What IS our response? Do we take our Heavenly Father and Jesus for granted? Or, do we daily purpose to SERVE them…wherever however they call us? It’s some pretty upside thinking to get our minds around.

Lord Jesus Christ, God’s SERVANT, we bow in reverence and worship YOU! Thank You! Praise You! May we never forget how You gave Your life to redeem us. May we show our gratitude by serving You in whatever way You call us.