When You Wish You’d Handled Something Differently

Have you ever wished you’d gone in a different direction than the one you took? Have you reflected on words you said and thought, “I wish I’d said that differently.”  If so, Psalm 32:8 is an encouraging reminder that we can handle things better in future days. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go…” Psalm 32:8 assures us. Yes, in addition to the Lord being our Savior and friend, He comes to us and says He’s willing to instruct us in the best way to go. That’s amazing, don’t you agree? We might wish for the top stock broker to advise us financially but not have access to him/her. We might wish for the most successful business person to be available to us, but not have a chance of getting an audience with them. But, here the LORD GOD is saying He’ll teach us. He’ll instruct us. Again, it’s amazing! He who has infinite understanding and an eternity of knowledge says He will show us the way to go forward.  Why not pray now about a situation or relationship where you could use the Lord’s instruction to move you forward successfully?

Lord, You are infinite in understanding. Please instruct us today and quicken our ears to be quick to listen and obey. Thank you for the incredibly valuable gift of having access to You.