Is Holy Fear Good or Bad

Does a holy fear ever rise in you?  What kind of holy fear? The good kind. A reverential fear. An overwhelming acknowledgment of God’s greatness and our smallness. Utter awe at the thought of standing in God’s majestic presence.  Tear-filled sorrow for those who don’t know Jesus.  Trembling for those who defy God and set themselves against Him. One day every person will give an account of their lives to God, who Genesis 14:19 describes as “…God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth.” Christ tells us that those who deny God will spend eternity apart from Him. If we’re in a relationship of saving faith with Jesus, what are we doing to make sure others know Him? May holy fear cause us to think more of others than of ourselves; to speak to the unsaved about Jesus, and pray for them.

Heavenly Father, POSSESSOR of HEAVEN and EARTH, how comforting to know that because of Jesus we will live eternally in Your presence. Stir our hearts to share the good news with those walking in darkness.