Listen UP! Conference

Listen UP! 31 Points Every Christian Should Know About the Holy Spirit

God has set believers apart as His ambassadors in the world. Yet, many times we live in ways that are indistinguishable from those who do not know Christ. Rather than being led by God’s Spirit in their daily decisions, many consult the stock market or a friend.

Women will leave:

  • With 31 points about the Holy Spirit every Christian should know.
  • Inspired by the undeniable truth that God cares about our daily lives and offers His help.
  • Equipped to better discern God’s voice.

Resources Associated with This Conference

Pray with Purpose Live With Passion, book

Christ prayed with purpose. He lived with passion. Discover the joy of a transformed life when you Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield according to God’s A to Z divine nature!

Prayers of My Heart Journal

In Prayers of My Heart, Debbie offers help for busy people to maintain the focused, meaningful, and intentional prayer life they want.

Listen UP! DVD with ASL Interpretation

The Listen Up! Conference on DVD – 31 points every Christian should know when the Spirit speaks.