Oh, Victory in Jesus

Sin. It’s here. Our sin or another person’s sin is a part of this earthly life. Perhaps one of the most glaring sins is selfishness. We want what we want. We want it when we want it. Things or people who stand in our way frustrate us. But what if sin didn’t exist? What if we were free of sin?  The good news is that day awaits us.  Because of Christ, our Savior and VICTOR over death, we will one day be sin-free as 1 Corinthians 15:57 reminds us.

…thanks be to God, who gives us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Gives. Us. Victory. We will one day experience the victory and magnitude of what our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ did through the virgin birth and cross. In the meantime let’s remember to give thanks to God for daily victory over sin we have through the Spirit’s empowerment. Let’s remember and give thanks to God for the eternal victory over sin through Christ. Today, let’s raise our voices in praise of Christ. If you know the song, “Victory in Jesus,” sing it with all your heart. 

LORD, we praise You for being VICTORIOUS over sin and death. We worship You. 

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