Week 3 End Times: The Reality of the Rapture

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The Rapture is an event around which there are differing opinions.  Do you know what you believe about the Rapture and why you believe as you do?

The Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ have five distinctive differences. Do you know what they are?

Steps to get the most out of your study:

  1. Take a glance at the study guide. Print and then answer the questions.
    End Times Study Guide Session 3, The Reality of the Rapture
  2. Watch the video.  You can either watch by yourself or get a friend to watch with you so you can pause and discuss it.
    The Reality of the Rapture Video.
  3. Forward the study to your friends and visit about this important topic.

Use the Discussion Questions in your study guide with your church, life group, or home group to enhance your study experience.

Leave your comments about the study at End Times Bible Study.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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