Week 2 End Times: The Reliability of Prophecy

Hi Friends!

Welcome to week two of our study, “End Times: What You Should Know, What You Can Do.”

Today it’s easier than ever for false information, lies, and propaganda to spread and for true information to be silenced. How do we predict the reliability of someone’s word, that what they say is true, whether about a pandemic, political position, or other matters? Is God reliable? Will He do what He says? Does He have the capability to carry out what He says regardless of human or satanic interference?

Find out why you can trust God and His Word and know for certain what the future holds.

Steps to get the most out of your study:

  1. Click the study guide questions, print, and answer the questions.
    End Times Study Guide Session 2, The Reliability of Prophecy
  2. Watch the video.
    The Reliability of Prophecy Video.

Discussion questions are included in your study guide so grab some friends or take the study to your church, life, or home group to enhance your study experience.

Lord Jesus, come quickly!


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