Week 4 End Times: The Revealing of End Time Events

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The Millennial Kingdom, 666, the Mark of the Beast, Daniel’s 70 Weeks, the Abomination of Desolation, the Great White Throne Judgment, Christ’s Return. Where in the Bible are they recorded? God is not keeping the future a secret.  He tells us what is ahead so we are comforted if we are a believer and warned if we have not responded to Christ’s invitation to be saved.

Steps to get the most out of your study:

  1. Click the study guide questions, print, and answer the questions.
    End Times Study Guide Session 4, The Revealing of End Time Events
  2. Watch the video.
    The Revealing of End Time Events Video

Discussion questions are included in your study guide so ask some friends to join you for the study or take “End Times” to your church, life group, or home group.

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