The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World (Bible Study Collection)


This is a popular 10 week Bible study you can use with Debbie’s 60 minute teaching DVDs.

Through biblical teaching and real-life stories, Williams unveils nine Plan B land mines that, if left unchecked, can hurt a woman and those in her life. Discover how to take charge of your thoughts and walk in the power of the Spirit. Let God reignite your hopes and dreams through these Plan A principles for living!


  • Live Out Loud – Scripture study
  • Love Out Loud – Discussion questions
  • Laugh Out Loud – The importance of joy
  • Women’s stories who are living in God’s blessings despite Plan B’s


Women grow up dreaming of the life they hope to have. Many believe they will meet their soulmate for life, find a fulfilling career, be blessed with happy and obedient children, and enjoy good health. But these hopes and dreams often do not materialize in the reality of their lives. The soulmate never shows up, marriages fail in alarming numbers, unexpected health issues arise, parenting turns out to be a much tougher job than expected—and suddenly Plan B sets in. What do you do?

In this bold and uplifting book by gifted teacher Debbie Williams, you will discover that, no matter where Plan B has you headed, you don’t have to simply discard the Plan A woman you always dreamed of being. In fact, even in the harshest headwinds of struggle, Williams encourages, instructs, and inspires you at every turn to move from the discouragement of the Plan B world into the fulfillment and peace of God’s Plan A for your life.


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