Bible study

See Closed Doors Open


Holding my finger to the gate opener, I edged toward the closed gate. Would it open this time, I wondered? It didn’t. Putting my car in reverse, I backed up and approached the gate a second time. Again, it failed to open. Determined, I gave it the ole “third time is the charm” approach. It worked! Have you been attempting to get through a closed door yet failing? Why not try a different approach? Psalm 145:18 tells us God is near to all who call on Him in truth. Have you called on your Heavenly Father and asked Him how to approach a closed door? Call on God. His door is always open. Then, listen to how He directs you. Act on God’s instruction. Journal God’s answers to your prayers and your praises in Prayers of My Heart, a journal designed with you in mind. 


Pull Aside for Spiritual Emergencies


Driving down the highway, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw an ambulance with flashing lights speedily approaching.  Pulling over, I noticed all the other cars did the same. It’s the law to pull over for an emergency vehicle. Why is it that we set aside our time and agenda for an earthly emergency vehicle but we don’t for spiritual emergencies? People are dying and going to hell. Christ wants to move through the streets of our cities and reach the unsaved. Will you pull aside from your agenda to join Christ and reach people who are living and dying without hope? Learn how to change the course of our homes and nation by joining me for a study of Acts. Discover how Christians who are yielded to God can alter the course of families, cities, and our nation.


End Times


Hi Friends!

I’m so glad you’ve joined me for this important study.

In case you’ve wondered why God included end time prophecies in the Bible and why you should “read and heed” them, get ready to find out!

Steps to get the most out of your study:

  1. Click the study guide questions, print, and answer the questions. End Times Study Guide Session 1, Reasons for End Time Prophecies
  2. Watch the video. The Reasons for End Time Prophecies Video.

Discussion questions are included in your study guide so grab some friends or take the study to your church, life, or home group to enhance your study experience.

You can leave your comments and what you’re enjoying about the study and learning here.

You’re a blessing!

In Christ’s Love,





Portobello or Poblano – It Makes a Difference


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Talking and laughing with friends as we entered a restaurant, my husband asked about the poblano soup special.  Thinking about a Portobello soup I’d had, I replied, “It’s mushroom. Delicious!” When the soup arrived, I realized my not paying close attention had caused me to steer Keith in the wrong direction. Paying attention isn’t only important when ordering. It’s important every day in our fast changing culture. Pro-Choice may sound nice, but Pro-Life saves babies. Black Lives Matter, but all lives matter.  In Matthew 5:13, Christ calls us to be light. We can only do that if we study the Bible to know His truths. In Acts 17:11, the Berean Christians were commended because they searched the Scriptures daily to find out if the things they were being told were true. Can that be said of you? If not, select a Bible study, know what the Bible teaches. Be the light.


Armor UP


Do you exercise every day?

No, exercising won't prevent every disease. But, it does help us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We either take the time and effort to do it, or we don't. Regardless, we'll be affected by our choice. The same is true with