A Better Way

“Can you make a copy of this?”

…my friend asked, as we visited at my office in the early years of Hill Country Ministries.  “Sure,” I replied. Turning toward the printer, I pressed the “Copy” button.  Turning back toward her to continue our discussion, I was aware when her eyes glanced over my shoulder as the printed copy flew out of the machine onto the floor.  Reaching down, I picked the copy off the floor and handed it to her as we continued visiting.  Coming to a close in our discussion, my friend casually offered, “Did you know you have a tray on your printer you can pull out that will catch the paper so it doesn’t fall to the floor?”  

“You’re kidding! That’ll be handy,” I casually replied, quiet embarrassed.  What I didn’t tell her was I’d unsuccessfully tried different ways to keep my paper from dashing to the floor, including a stapler strategically positioned in front of the paper shoot.   

A Mental Note Regarding Instruction Manuals

Silently, I made a mental note to pay attention to my instruction manuals in the future. I realized if I had with my printer, I’d have seen that it had a pull out tray.

Grateful for my friend who showed me a better way of printing, I began thinking of all the people God has brought into my life to show me a better way of doing things; whether little or big.  First and foremost, I’m grateful to my family and friends.  I continue to learn better ways of doing things from them.

I’m grateful for my non-profit ministry Board members. Their wisdom and counsel have been the driving force behind ways we’ve fulfilled our mission to spread the Word and love of Jesus. When I was content writing and teaching for Bible study groups in the hill country, they suggested a better way for us to spread God’s Word:  through a publisher.  

I’m grateful to God who has shown Hill Country Ministries a better way of ministering to churches and women.  In April 2008, God placed on my heart to take my “P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference,” that is based on my book “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion,” to every state. Although I didn’t understand why at the time, I do now.  His better way has allowed us to minister to women all over the country, such as the one who wrote us and said,  “I attended the P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference in Maryland.  My husband of 16 years left me for another woman and is now pressing forward with a divorce.  My world has been shattered. I’m thankful for the A-Z attributes and for learning how to praise God for who He is.  One of the attributes I wrote in my notes is “Lifter of my head,” Psalm 3:3.  You spoke about how the darkness is there, but we are still told to praise God for His presence and help.  I’m in the darkness right now, but the reminder from the P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference to ‘Let my head look up’ is one I remember daily.”  

God Is Available

God is available to address every issue in our lives and to show us a better way; many of which we would never think of on our own.  Do you have challenges with your children?  Are you befuddled about what to do with your finances?  Do you long for a closer relationship with your spouse?  Do you need direction regarding work?  

How do we discover God’s better way? The same way one discovers the pull out tray on a printer.  We read His instruction book, the Bible.  We spend time with others who are familiar with God and learn from them. We spend time with God in prayer.

God has a better way for us to live, work, minister, raise our children, and relate to Him and others.  He invites us to His better way. 

You’re Invited! 

Years ago I asked God for a better way to keep track of my prayer requests and praises. He showed me a better way that I’ve been using and sharing with others: Prayers of My Heart prayer journal. Join me this Sunday, September 9, 5:15-6:30 at Trinity Baptist Church for Prayers of My Heart Prayer Journaling Workshop. Discover the 7 Benefits of Journaling, how to enhance your prayer life, and develop an attitude of gratitude 

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